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In meeting with Nigerian president, Trump now says there's 'no place more beautiful'

President Trump warmly welcomed the president of Nigeria to the White House Monday, the first high-profile meeting with a sub-Saharan African leader for a president who has previously disparaged the continent.

Proclaiming a good relationship with Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, Trump told reporters he appreciated the nation's role as a "strong democracy in the region."
Trump said he and Buhari didn't talk about his reported comments calling African nations "shithole countries," or his complaint last year that Nigerian immigrants would never "go back to their huts" after living in the United States.
And Buhari said he didn't necessarily believe them anyway.
"I'm very careful with what the press says," Buhari said. "I'm not sure about the validity or whether that allegation against the president was true or not. The best thing for me is to keep quiet."
Trump did not deny the remarks, and said they didn't com…

Ten journalists among 36 killed in Afghanistan attacks

Nine journalists killed while reporting on first of twin blasts in Kabul, while BBC reporter shot dead in Khost province

Ten journalists have died in Afghanistan in a coordinated double suicide bombing in Kabul and a shooting in the eastern Khost province, on the deadliest day for media workers in the country since the fall of the Taliban.
Nine journalists died in the Afghan capital when they gathered at the scene of the first of two blasts. Ahmad Shah, a BBC reporter, was shot dead in a separate incident in Khost province, near the border with Pakistan.
In Kabul, a suicide attacker riding a motorbike blew himself up in the Shash Darak neighbourhood, near the Nato headquarters and the US embassy, at about 8am on Monday. A second bomber, holding a camera and posing as a journalist, struck 20 minutes later, killing rescue workers and journalists, including an Agence France-Presse photographer, who had rushed to the scene. Islamic State claimed responsibility for the Kabul attacks, which…

Porn star Stormy Daniels sues Trump for defamation

At issue is a tweet Trump made in which he dismissed a composite sketch that Daniels says depicts a man who threatened her to stay quiet about her alleged sexual encounter with Trump.

The porn actress who claims she had an affair with U.S. President Donald Trump is escalating her legal fight. She’s suing the president for defamation.
Stormy Daniels filed the complaint in federal court in New York on Monday. At issue is a tweet Trump made in which he dismissed a composite sketch that Daniels says depicts a man who threatened her in 2011 to stay quiet about her alleged sexual encounter with Trump.
In the tweet earlier this month, Trump said: “A sketch years later about a nonexistent man. A total con job, playing the Fake News Media for Fools (but they know it)!”
The court filing says the tweet was “false and defamatory.” Daniels, whose legal name is Stephanie Clifford, is seeking a jury trial and unspecified damages.

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Netanyahu says he has proof of secret Iranian nuclear program

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel has evidence Iranian officials were "brazenly lying" when they said Iran wasn't pursuing nuclear weapons and that the Islamic republic is keeping an "atomic archive" at a secret compound.

"Tonight, I'm here to tell you one thing: Iran lied -- big time," Netanyahu said late Monday during an address from the Israel Ministry of Defense in Tel Aviv.
Calling it one of the greatest achievements in the history of Israeli intelligence, Netayahu displayed what he said were files that demonstrate Iran planned to continue pursuing a nuclear weapons program despite the 2015 deal it brokered with the international community.
Speaking in English, Netanyahu accused Iran of ramping up efforts to obscure the files in 2015 and moving them to a secret location in Tehran last year.
The files were kept in massive vaults inside an "innocent-looking compound" in Shorabad District, the Prime Minister said. The 100,0…

Trump suggests meeting Kim Jong-un at Peace House on South Korea border

Donald Trump suggested his planned meeting at the same site as Kim’s historic meeting last week with South Korea’s president

Donald Trump on Monday tweeted a suggestion that his planned meeting with Kim Jong-un could take place at the Peace House on the border between North and South Korea, the same site as Kim’s historic meeting last week with South Korean president Moon Jae-in.
“Numerous countries are being considered for the MEETING, but would Peace House/Freedom House, on the Border of North & South Korea, be a more Representative, Important and Lasting site than a third party country?” Trump wrote on Twitter.
“Just asking!”
The president’s breezy message followed on the heels of a tweet in which he complained about a comedian’s routine at the White House correspondents’ dinner in Washington on Saturday. The dinner was “a total disaster and an embarrassment” he wrote, adding: “FAKE NEWS is alive and well and beautifully represented.”
On Sunday, some of Trump’s key advisers cou…

Gloria Allred booed for yelling 'Bill Cosby Guilty!' at Daytime Emmy Awards

Attorney Gloria Allred was booed at the Daytime Emmy Awards Sunday night after she came on stage shouting “Bill Cosby Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!” before announcing the winner.
Allred, who represents 33 of the more than 60 women who have accused Cosby of drugging, sexually assaulting them or both, also held up a sign with the same words on the red carpet and stage.

Her outburst while presenting the award for Best Legal/Courtroom program elicited some cheers, but mostly boos from the audience. Allred reportedly appeared not be phased by the mixed reaction.
Daytime Emmy host Mario Lopez had said the ceremony would be politics free. Several award shows, including the Golden Globes and Oscars, turned political this year with tributes to the #MeToo movement, “Time’s Up” initiative and call for gun control.

Allred’s chants come just days after Cosby, 80, was found him guilty on three counts of felony aggravated indecent assault.
Cosby was emotionless in court when his fate was announced during…

Sajid Javid named new UK home secretary after Windrush scandal

British Prime Minister Theresa May has moved swiftly to shore up her government in the wake of the sudden resignation of a senior minister over an immigration scandal late on Sunday night.
May appointed Sajid Javid, a second-generation migrant whose parents came to Britain from Pakistan, as Home Secretary on Monday morning, plugging a hole left when predecessor Amber Rudd fell victim to a growing controversy over the treatment of the so-called Windrush generation of immigrants.
Javid, 48, is the first member of an ethnic minority to hold the position, one of the most senior in the British government. He had spoken out forcefully on plight of people from former British colonies who arrived legally in Britain in the 1950s and 60s, but who had struggled to prove their status amid a wider crackdown on illegal immigration. They became known as the Windrush generation after the name of the ship that brought an early group of Caribbean migrants to Britain in 1948.
It is a significant promoti…

Sainsbury's to buy Asda from Walmart for $10.1 billion

The British supermarket chain Sainsbury's says it has agreed to buy Walmart Inc.'s U.K. unit, Asda, for 7.3 billion pounds ($10.1 billion) in cash and stock in what would mark a seismic shift in the country's grocery market.

J Sainsbury plc, the chain's corporate name, says it will give Walmart 4.3 billion pounds worth of stock and 2.98 billion pounds in cash for Asda. Walmart will own 42 percent of the combined company.
The merger would create Britain's largest supermarket chain, with more than 30 percent of the market, putting it ahead of the current leader, Tesco. The deal would be subject to scrutiny by the Competition and Markets Authority.
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World's oldest known spider dies at 43 after a quiet life underground

Female trapdoor spider known as Number 16 was sedentary and stayed close to her burrow

The world’s oldest known spider has died at the ripe old age of 43 after being monitored for years during a long-term population study in Australia, researchers say.
The trapdoor matriarch comfortably outlived the previous record holder, a 28-year-old tarantula found in Mexico, according to a study published on Monday in the Pacific Conservation Biology Journal.
The spider did not die of old age but was killed by a wasp sting, researchers said.
Named Number 16, the spider helped scientists to unlock important information about the behaviour of an arachnid that can be found across Australia, including in domestic gardens.
“To our knowledge this is the oldest spider ever recorded, and her significant life has allowed us to further investigate the trapdoor spider’s behaviour and population dynamics,” said the lead author, Leanda Mason from Curtin University in Perth.
A research project to study trapdoo…

Kabul: more than 20 dead as explosions hit city centre

Suspected suicide attacks hit the Afghan capital during rush hour, killing 21 people, including a journalist, and injuring 27

Authorities in Kabul say two explosions have hit the centre of the Afghan capital and at least 21 people are dead.
Kabul chief of police Dawood Amin said the area hit by the first blast on Monday morning included foreign offices. Authorities said at least 21 people, including a journalist, were killed and 27 wounded in the rush hour attack.
Mohammad Mousa Zahir, director of Wazir Akbarkhan Hospital, said several people suffering injuries from the blast were being treated at the hospital.
Agence France-Presse said its chief photographer in Kabul, Shah Marai, died in one of the explosions. “He died in a blast that was targeting a group of journalists who had rushed to the scene of a suicide attack in the Afghan capital,” the news agency said on Twitter. A Reuters photographer was slightly hurt by flying shrapnel.
The first explosion, detonated by an assailant on …

White House mystery: Where is Macron’s gifted oak tree?

A mystery is brewing at the White House about what happened to the oak tree President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron planted there last week.

The sapling was a gift from Macron on the occasion of his state visit.
News photographers snapped away Monday when Trump and Macron shoveled dirt onto the tree during a ceremonial planting on the South Lawn. By the end of the week, the tree was gone from the lawn. A pale patch of grass was left in its place.
The White House hasn’t offered an explanation.
The oak sprouted at a World War I battle site that became part of U.S. Marine Corps legend.
About 2,000 U.S. troops died in the June 1918 Battle of Belleau Wood, fighting a German offensive.
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Missile attack kills 26, mostly Iranians in Syria, report says

An overnight Missile attack in Syria's northern region has killed 26 pro-government fighters, mostly Iranians, a Syria war monitoring group said Monday.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the attack appears to have been carried out by Israel and targeted an arms depot for surface-to-surface missiles at a base in northern Syria known as Brigade 47. The Observatory said four Syrians were also among casualties.
It said the death toll could rise as the attack also wounded 60 fighters and there were several others are still missing.
The attack comes amid rising tensions between Iran and Israel following an airstrike earlier this month on Syria's T4 air base in central province of Homs that killed seven Iranian military personnel. Syria, Iran and Russia blamed Israel for that attack. Israel did not confirm or deny it.
Israel Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said in an interview published last Thursday that his country will strike Tehran if attacked by arche…

NAFTA-linked visas for Canada and Mexico need a closer look before Congress passes NAFTA 2.0

Very soon, Mexican and Canadian officials are going to push the Trump administration to approve and finalize a “NAFTA 2.0,” which is supposedly a renegotiation of the original 1993 North American Free Trade Agreement. The administration’s primary representative in this effort is the U.S. Trade Representative, Ambassador Robert Lighthizer.

While we are being told by Ambassador Lighthizer and others that this will be a good deal for Americans, I encourage President Trump to take a hard look at one provision in particular: the special visas that are buried in the original NAFTA, and to reach out to Congress about this important subject. This visa provision must be a part of the national discussion and the congressional debate about renewing NAFTA to ensure it really will be a good deal for Americans.
The 1993 NAFTA created a brand new visa, dubbed the Treaty National (or TN) visa. The TN visa was designed to permit the nationals of the three treaty signatories to flow freely across eac…

Daytime Emmys: The Winners List

The awards were handed out Sunday in Pasadena.

Days of Our Lives was named best drama series at the 45th annual Daytime Emmys, which were handed out Sunday at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. NBC's long-running series also won best directing and best writing for a drama, among other awards.
Elsewhere, Good Morning America was named best morning show, and Entertainment Tonight was named best entertainment news program.
The Price Is Right took home the honor for best game show, though Let's Make a Deal! host Wayne Brady was named best game show host.
The Dr. Oz Show was named best informative talk show, while Steve Harvey won best informational talk show host for Steve. The Talk won best entertainment talk show, while The Real's Adrienne Houghton, Loni Love, Jeannie Mai and Tamera Mowry-Housley won best entertainment talk show hosts. Judge Mathis won in the legal/courtroom category.
Mario Lopez and Sheryl Underwood hosted Sunday's ceremony, which was streamed online.
The s…

UK home secretary resigns over immigration scandal

UKHome SecretaryAmber Rudd stepped down Sunday because she "inadvertently misled" a government committee about deportation quotas for immigrants, she said in a resignation letter obtained by CNN.

The Home Affairs Select Committee questioned Rudd last week over quotas for removal of the Windrush generation, the first large group of Caribbean migrants to arrive in the UK after World War II.
Rudd told the committee she had no knowledge of quotas. However, The Guardian on Sunday published a memo written by Rudd in which she said deportation quotas had been set.
"Since appearing before the Select Committee, I have reviewed the advice I was given on this issue and become aware of information provided to my office which makes mention of targets. I should have been aware of this, and I take full responsibility for the fact that I was not," Rudd said in the letter.
Prime Minister Theresa May accepted Rudd's resignation, writing: "I was very sorry to receive it, but…

Pompeo says US stands with Israelis, Saudis against Iran

TEL AVIV, Israel — U.S. Secretary of StateMike Pompeo on Sunday ratcheted up the Trump administration’s rhetoric against Iran and gave warm boosts of support to Israel and Saudi Arabia in their standoffs with Tehran.

Pompeo’s comments in Riyadh and then Tel Aviv came as he neared the end of the Middle East leg of his first trip abroad as America’s top diplomat. He has called for concerted international action to punish Iran for its missile programs and other actions that he said destabilize the region.
The tough line was welcomed by his hosts, particularly in Israel, which considers Iran its greatest threat and has led calls for the West to revise or reject the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran.
“We remain deeply concerned about Iran’s dangerous escalation of threats to Israel and the region and Iran’s ambition to dominate the Middle East remains,” Pompeo said after a nearly two-hour meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “The United States is with Israel in this fight.”

Michelle Wolf Debuts First Promo for Netflix Late-Night Show

The comedian's weekly show, 'The Break,' will be available to stream May 27.

As Michelle Wolf was emceeing this year's White House Correspondents' Dinner on Saturday night, Netflix offered viewers a peek at the comedian's next gig as host of the upcoming weekly late-night series The Break With Michelle Wolf.
The clip teases a half-hour variety/sketch show where the Late Night With Seth Meyers and The Daily Show With Trevor Noah alum will "take a break" from the seriousness of the current late-night comedy on television. In the series promo, Wolff comically attempts to explain her show to viewers, only for her video to be minimized in the corner screen as viewers are then encouraged to watch another series.
"Hey! I'm still talking! Do not 'Next Episode' me," yells Wolf before returning to a full-screen format. "That's better. People make mistakes," the comedian shrugs it off before attempting to introduce her show. …

Celtic seal Scottish Premiership title with 5-0 rampage over Rangers

Scotland’s football authorities did everything in their power to prevent the situation whereby Celtic could secure a seventh title in succession by defeating Rangers. Long before full‑time here, it was Rangers who dearly wished such a scenario had never been allowed to come to pass.

Celtic mauled their oldest foes here, in a manner which perfectly – and ominously for Rangers – illustrated the gap between the Glasgow clubs and confirmed league flag retention.
A penny for the thoughts of Steven Gerrard, the man tipped to take over at Ibrox from the end of this season. When watching this Rangers horror show unfold, the former Liverpool captain may well have contemplated a poisoned chalice. Conversely, Gerrard may feel matters at Ibrox can hardly get any worse. Rangers, a rudderless club, are embroiled in a serious battle just to finish the season as Scotland’s second-placed club.
This was, however, Celtic’s day. From the outset, they swarmed around their visitors and attacked with the ve…

London elections set to leave British PM May down, but not out

Voters in London are expected to punish Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative Party at local government elections this week which could embolden critics of her Brexit strategy, but are not expected to trigger her downfall.

London and some other regions will on Thursday elect the local officials in charge of day-to-day public spending - a vote as much about issues like refuse collection and road repairs as it is about the national debate on immigration and May’s plan to take Britain out of the European Union after a 2016 referendum.
The elections are seen as a bellwether of public sentiment and polls show voters are ready to deliver a critical verdict on both May’s leadership and her party’s eight years spent pursuing a policy of public spending cuts to shore up Britain’s finances.
“A government that’s been in power for eight years with an austerity program is naturally going to suffer at elections,” said Robert Hayward, a former Conservative lawmaker who now sits in parliament’s …

Iran confirms arrest of British-Iranian professor

Iran's judiciary has confirmed the arrest of a British-Iranian university professor on security charges.

Abbas Edalat, a computer scientist and mathematician at Imperial College London, was reportedly arrested earlier this month by the Revolutionary Guard, which has detained several dual-nationals in recent years.
Iran's official IRNA news agency on Sunday quoted judiciary spokesman Gholamhossein Mohseni Ejehi as saying Edalat had been detained on "security charges," without elaborating. It was the first official confirmation of his arrest.
On Thursday, the semi-official Fars news agency said Edalat was one of several people arrested by the Guard over accusations of being part of a "network affiliated with Britain."
Edalat had actively campaigned against Western military action targeting Iran.
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'Like father like daughter': comedian Michelle Wolf stuns media with attack on White House team

The comedian takes aim at the Trump administration, congress and White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Ivanka Trump and the president himself at the annual correspondents' dinner

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You may soon be able to control your home with a smart wall

Forget a smart speaker, soon you may be able to control your smart home with a few taps on your wall. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and Disney Research have developed a way to make your walls smart, at a cost of $20 per meter, as spotted by NBC News.

Dubbed Wall++, the researchers found that they could use conductive paint and a custom sensor board to create electrodes and turn a standard wall into a gesture-sensing touchpad and an “electromagnetic sensor to detect and track electrical devices and appliances.”
The system could potentially monitor activity in rooms, automatically adjust light levels when a TV is turned on or off, or send an alert when an appliance goes off. The Wall++ could also track people wearing certain electronic devices that emit an electromagnetic signature.
This isn’t the first time Carnegie Mellon researchers have found a way to turn an analog surface into a touchpad. Last year, researchers at the university announced a system called Electrick that…

North Korea will close nuclear test site in May, South says

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will shut down his nuclear test site in May and invite experts and journalists from South Korea and the United States into the country to ensure "transparency" around its closure, South Korea's presidential office said Sunday.

It is the latest breakthrough on the peninsula ahead of a meeting between Kim and US President Donald Trump, who said Saturday that talks could take place within "three to four weeks."
A senior spokesman for South Korean President Moon Jae-in said Kim made the comments during a landmark summit Friday at the demilitarized zone between the two countries, when Kim became the first North Korean leader to step into South Korean territory since fighting ended in the Korean War in 1953.
Kim told Moon during the summit that he had no intention of targeting the US or the South with nuclear weapons, the South Korean President's office said Sunday.
"The United States, though inherently hostile to North Korea,…

Why Bill Cosby may not spend any time in prison

Based on his conviction this week on three assault charges, comedian and TV star Bill Cosby could be sentenced to 30 years in prison.

But legal experts said the 80-year-old certainly will spend less time than that behind bars, and there's a very real possibility that he may not ever be incarcerated.
Why? Well, it's mostly to do with his defense team's plan to appeal the guilty verdict -- likely on the grounds that the decision to allow five other accusers to testify in the trial unfairly prejudiced the jury.
Cosby's attorney, Tom Mesereau, will probably ask the court that his client be given home confinement during the appeal, which could take months or even years, CNN legal analyst Joey Jackson said.
"I think he'll ask the court and do whatever he needs to, to have his client remain out at liberty until these issues are decided, whether it was appropriate to allow all those accusers to testify, and how prejudicial and unfair would that be," Jackson said.

Trump and Merkel tried – and failed – to hide their differences in Washington

After the French president’s warm visit, the frosty atmosphere was clear as the US and German leaders discussed NATO and Iran

Donald Trump and Angela Merkel worked hard to present a united front on Friday but could not mask deep differences in substance and style.
Although the two leaders stressed the US and Germany’s close ties, their low-key meeting offered a stark contrast to the lavish state visit of French president Emmanuel Macron – and their body language was distinctly colder.
At a joint press conference at the White House, Trump bemoaned America’s $151bn trade deficit with the European Union, whose exemption from steel and aluminum tariffs expires on Tuesday unless the US grants an extension.
Merkel suggested little progress had been made on the issue. “The president will decide – that’s very clear,” she told reporters. “We had an exchange of views on the current state of affairs and the negotiations. The decision lies with the president.”
Trump said: “We need a reciprocal rel…

Melania Trump 'CANNOT do anything' Brigitte Macron condemns White House security

Melania Trump is a virtual prisoner of the Secret Service as she is not even free to open a window whenever she wants, Brigitte Macron has claimed just days after meeting the First Lady during her husband French President Emmanuel Macron’s three-day visit to the United States.

Mrs Macron, 65, confessed she was able to bond with the American First Lady last week, while their husbands were in meetings discussing an array of international issues.
The French president's wife said that people should not be misled by Mrs Trump’s stern look, as she is “really fun”.
Mrs Macron said:: “We have the same sense of humour. We laugh a lot together.”
But Mrs Trump, 48, despite living an apparently comfortable live, is apparently virtual prisoner of the White House security.
Speaking of her life at the Elysee Palace, where French Prime Ministers and their families reside, Mrs Macron told French media: “She is much more constrained than me.
“Melania can’t do anything. The security is terrible.

Pompeo starts Mideast tour with call for new Iran sanctions

Secretary of StateMike Pompeo arrived in Saudi Arabia on Saturday on a hastily-arranged visit to the Middle East as the United States aims to muster support for new sanctions against Iran.
The visit to Riyadh, Jerusalem and Amman just two days after Pompeo was sworn-in comes as President Donald Trump is set to decide whether to pull out of the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran that is still supported by European powers.
“We are urging nations around the world to sanction any individuals and entities associated with Iran’s missile program, and it has also been a big part of discussions with Europeans,” Brian Hook, a senior policy advisor traveling with Pompeo, told reporters.
Hook said a salvo of ballistic missiles fired into Saudi Arabia by Yemen’s Iran-allied Houthi movement that killed a man earlier on Saturday had been provided by Tehran.
“Iran’s missiles prolong war and suffering in the Middle East, they threaten our security and economic interests and they especially threaten Saudi Ar…

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom meet the Pope, step out together in Rome

A few days after Katy Perry declared that she was "spoken for," the "American Idol" host and Orlando Bloom have resurfaced as reported couple in a grand way.

On Saturday morning, Perry and Bloom were spotted on a holy date in Vatican City, Rome, and snapped shaking the hand of Pope Francis during the "United to Cure" international conference.
The 33-year-old singer and the 41-year-old actor both donned black outfits in the presence of the Bishop of Rome and waited among the crowds to greet him inside the Paul VI Hall.
Later during the "United to Cure" ceremony, an intimate moment between the two was captured, showing Perry resting her hand on Bloom's leg.

Perry documented the special outing on social media sharing several videos and photos on Instagram.
“Happy Saturday, everyone. I’m here in Rome at the Vatican about to speak on meditation,” Perry said in a video shared on her Instagram story, as she arrived at the Vatican.
In the video, …

Trump 'absolutely' deserves credit on Korean peace talks, Australia's prime minister says

Austrailian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said President Trump "absolutely" deserved credit for the peace talks and historic meeting between the leaders of North and South Korea.

Turnbull told reporters in Sydney on Saturday that Trump's hard-line approach on the Korean Peninsula helped lead to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un open up to peace talks and the meeting this week between Kim and South Korean President Moon Jae-in in the Demilitarized Zone separating the two nations.
"I’ve given him that credit because Donald Trump has taken a very, very strong, hard line on the denuclearization issue and he has been able to bring in the support of the global community and, in particular, China," Turnbull said, according to Australian media.
For months, tension built as Trump and Kim slung insults and terrifying threats of war back and forth as Kim continued testing missiles. Trump's name-calling accompanied sanctions and calls for neighboring countries to pu…

Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2018 FP3 results: Lewis Hamilton pipped by Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel produced the fastest lap of FP3 at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix but a late crash by Sergey Sirotkin prevent some teams finishing their full qualifying simulations.

Vettel has taken pole position on the last two weekends and looks set to start this afternoon’s session as favourite to make it three in a row.
The German is in confident mood in Baku despite a difficult weekend a fortnight ago when a clash with Max Verstappen left him unable to collect more than four points from the race.
It saw his lead, which was built up by winning the first two races of the year, cut to just nine points while Mercedes overhauled Ferrari to lead the Constructors' by just a point.

However, Vettel produced a 1:43.091 in the last session of practice to finish four tenths clear of Hamilton and send a clear message to his title rival about his pace in Baku.
Daniel Ricciardo, who secured his sixth career win in China thanks to timely pit stop and a terrific display of overtaking, is also exp…

Alfie Evans dies at Alder Hey hospital after life support withdrawn

Parents of boy with rare degenerative brain disease say they are heartbroken after his death in hospital

A 23-month-old boy with a rare degenerative brain disease who was at the centre of a protracted legal battle has died, his parents have said.
Alfie Evans died at Alder Hey children’s hospital in Liverpool in the early hours of Saturday morning.
Announcing the news on Facebook on Saturday, his parents, Kate James and Thomas Evans, said: “Our baby boy grew his wings tonight at 2:30am. We are heart broken. Thank you everyone for all your support.”
Life support was withdrawn on Monday after a last-ditch appeal to the high court was turned down.
Alfie had been in a semi-vegetative state and scans of his brain had shown that almost all of it had been destroyed. Judges had agreed with doctors that further treatment would be futile and there was no hope of him getting better.
His parents, who are both in their early 20s and from Liverpool, had insisted their son was not in pain or sufferin…

Happy Ed Balls Day!

Back on Apr. 28, 2011, the British member of parliament searched his name on Twitter. But instead of typing his moniker into the search bar, he mistakenly wrote it into a tweet and hit send:
Ed Balls — Ed Balls (@edballs) April 28, 2011 Balls’ post immediately went viral and spawned what has since become a spoof national day ― predictably called “Ed Balls Day.”

This year on Apr. 28, as each of the ones that have gone before it, Twitter users in the United Kingdom have taken to the social media platform in their droves to mockingly commemorate the snafu.
Since leaving politics in 2015, Balls, 51, has gone on to star in “Strictly Come Dancing,” the British version of “Dancing With The Stars.” He also appeared on a charity edition of “The Great British Bake Off.”
Here’s a roundup of the 2018 celebrations so far:
Happy #edballs day! I’ve celebrated with tea and a croissant. — Rachael Lucas (@karamina) April 28, 2018 I hate how Ed Balls Day has become so commercialised! We really are in d…

7 students killed in knife attack at Chinese school

BEIJING – Seven students were killed Friday in a stabbing rampage at a middle school in China's northwest, authorities said.

State broadcaster CCTV said the attack happened in Shaanxi province's Mizhi county as students were leaving the No. 3 Middle School. It said 12 other students were injured.
A suspect identified by the surname Zhao has been arrested, it said.
China tightly restricts private gun ownership, making knives and homemade explosives the most common weapons employed in violent crimes.
No information was given as to a motive, although reports on Chinese social media said the suspect had once been a pupil at the school.
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Kim Kardashian Breaks Silence On Khloe Cheating Scandal

Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend was allegedly caught cheating with multiple women days before she gave birth.

Since Kim Kardashian has become her famous family’s de facto crisis manager at this point *cough* Kanye *cough* she’s taken on her next assignment: Tristan Thompson allegedly cheating on her sister Khloe Kardashian.
In a sneak peek of her appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” airing on Monday, Kim broke her silence about the various videos that surfaced earlier this month allegedly showing Khloe’s boyfriend, NBA star Tristan Thompson, cheating with multiple women.
“Poor Khloe,” the reality TV star told the talk show host. “I don’t even know how to describe it besides it’s just so fucked up.”

Days after the videos made the internet rounds, Khloe welcomed her first child with Thompson, a baby girl named True. Thompson was reportedly at her side during delivery and left the hospital hours later.
Neither Thompson nor Khloe have yet responded to the videos.
“We really were rootin…

Russians followed up on Trump Tower meeting after election, Democrats say

The Russian oligarch and Russian lawyer who were key players in the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting reached out to Trump's team after Donald Trump was elected President to try to lobby on the Russian sanctions they sought to overturn, according to Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee.
Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the intelligence panel, told CNN's Jim Sciutto on Friday that Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya reached out to the Trump family after the election with a request to follow up on efforts to repeal the Magnitsky Act, the 2012 Russian sanctions the US enacted over human rights abuses.
Veselnitskaya was the Russian lawyer at the center of the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting, where Donald Trump Jr. expected to receive damaging information on Hillary Clinton but instead Veselnitskaya focused on the repeal of the sanctions.
"Clearly, there's an expectation there on the Russian side that they may now have success with the Magnitsky Act, given that th…

Israeli forces kill three Palestinians amid protests along Gaza border

Israeli forces shot and killed three Palestinian men during protests along the Israel-Gaza border on Friday, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

Abdul Salam Baker, 29, was shot and killed near Khan Younis in the south of Gaza, the ministry said. Hospitals received the bodies of two other men, the ministry said. Both are currently unidentified.
Nearly 150 Palestinians were injured by live fire in the demonstrations Friday, according to the ministry.
The Israeli army said in a statement Friday that 10,000 Palestinians took part in what it called riots in five locations along the fence that separates Gaza from Israel, and that hundreds attempted to enter Israel by burning the fence adjacent to the now-disused Karni border crossing point.
"Rioters approached the security fence and hurled explosive devices, grenades, firebombs and rocks and tried to light the security fence on fire," the statement said.
This is the fifth straight Friday that Palestinians have partici…

Jason Witten plans to retire from Cowboys, take 'Monday Night Football' job, per report

wo weeks after releasing wide receiver Dez Bryant, the Dallas Cowboys could be facing the loss of another offensive mainstay.

Tight end Jason Witten plans to retire and join Monday Night Football as a lead analyst, according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen.
Witten was set to meet with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones before finalizing the decision, Mortensen reported.
A 15-year veteran, Witten has been a mainstay of the Cowboys' offense and the franchise's all-time leader in career receiving yards (12,448), catches (1,152) and games played (239). He has been selected to 11 Pro Bowls and has had at least 60 catches since his second season in the NFL.
Witten's retirement would leave Dallas' group of pass catchers with few established options. Terrance Williams is the only target returning who had more than 500 receiving yards last year, though the team added Allen Hurns in free agency.
The existing options at tight end are Geoff Swaim, the only returning player at the position to…

James Corden Hosts 'Avengers: Infinity War' Cast on Tour Around Los Angeles

The 'Late Late Show' host's tour included a stop at a comic book store full of Marvel fans.

On Thursday’s (April 26) episode of The Late Late Show, James Corden introduced a new faux career venture: James Corden’s The Star Star Tours, which he joked takes celebrities around Los Angeles. The stars of Marvel Studio’s Avengers: Infinity War boarded a bus for its inaugural tour.
Tom Hiddleston was the first star to arrive. After Hiddleston introduced himself, a quiet Corden responded, “I’m sorry, I just got lost in your eyes.”
Paul Bettany, Chris Pratt, Benedict Cumberbatch, Pom Klementieff, Zoe Saldana, Winston Duke, Sebastian Stan, Letitia Wright, Elizabeth Olsen, Don Cheadle, Anthony Mackie and Josh Brolin all boarded the bus one by one to join Hiddleston on the tour. “This is more stars than I could have dreamt of,” declared Corden during the boarding process.
While welcoming the group to the tour, Corden stated that flash photography is allowed. “Just make sure you tag me…

Pompeo says Trump likely to leave Iran nuclear agreement

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that President Donald Trump is unlikely to keep the US in the Irannuclear deal past the next deadline to certify the deal in May.
"The President has been clear -- absent a substantial fix, absent overcoming the shortcomings, the flaws of the deal -- he is unlikely to stay in that deal past this May," Pompeo told reporters during a press conference at NATO headquarters in Brussels.

Pompeo, on his first trip as the top US diplomat, also said the US and NATO were prepared to push back hard against Russia and congratulated South Korea and North Korea on their historic agreement to set aside their conflict and cooperate on denuclearizing their shared peninsula.
Until that happens, though, Pompeo warned that the "maximum pressure campaign" to exert financial and diplomatic pressure on North Korea will continue. Pompeo, who met secretly with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, said he got the sense that Kim was serious about negotiations.

President Trump and Germany's Merkel hold press conference

Trump: The way Ronny Jackson was treated is "a disgrace"
President Donald Trump defended his now former VA nominee Dr. Ronny Jackson, saying the way he was treated is a "disgrace."
Jackson withdrew his nomination to lead the VA yesterday. His nomination was hampered by a flurry of allegations about Jackson's professional conduct.
Here's what Trump thinks about all that:
"Ronny Jackson — admiral, doctor — is one of the finest men that I’ve met over the long period of time. Washington can be a very mean place. You don’t know about that, chancellor. A nasty place. The false accusations that were made about him by Sen. Tester from a great state, I don’t think that state is going to put up with it. These were false accusations about a great man, about a man who has a son who is a top student at Annapolis."
He continued: "To make statements of things that most people said never happened, never even happened, calling him names was, to me, a disgrace…

ABBA return after 35 years with two new songs

ABBA have reunited to record their first new material in 35 years.

In a surprise announcement, the band said it was “like time had stood still” when they got together again.
They have recorded two new songs, one of which - I Still Have Faith In You - will be unveiled at the end of the year.
The four band members have been working together to plan a tour in which virtual reality avatars perform their songs.
A joint statement from Bjorn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, Agnetha Faltskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad said: “The decision to go ahead with the exciting ABBA avatar tour project had an unexpected consequence.
"We all four felt that, after some 35 years, it could be fun to join forces again and get into the recording studio. So we did. And it was like time had stood still and that we only had been away on a short holiday. An extremely joyful experience!
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Prince Louis: Royals name third child

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have named their third child Louis Arthur Charles, a choice that confounded expectations.
Prince Louis (pronounced Loo-ee) is fifth in line to the British throne, after grandfather Prince Charles, father Prince William and his two older siblings.
"The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to announce that they have named their son Louis Arthur Charles," Kensington Palace said in a statement. "The baby will be known as His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge.
The name does not have a strong British royal pedigree, being more commonly associated with kings of France. But there is a significant family connection -- and one that is tinged with tragedy.
Louis was the name of Earl Mountbatten of Burma, the uncle of Queen Elizabeth's husband, the Duke of Edinburgh. After serving with distinction in World War II, Louis Mountbatten became the last Viceroy of India, the head of the British colonial administration in India. He was ki…

The summit In pictures: Cheers, applause and tears

History was made Friday when Kim Jong-un became the first North Korean leader to cross into South Korean territory since 1953.
South Korean President Moon Jae-in was waiting to greet him at the military demarcation line that has long divided the two Koreas. The two leaders shook hands at the line, and then, in a symbolic move, Moon joined Kim on the northern side of the line before they crossed into the southern side together.
Friday’s summit culminated with a declaration that the two countries — who have been technically at war for almost 70 years now — will sign a peace treaty later this year.
“There will not be any more war on the Korean Peninsula, a new era of peace has begun,” Moon said after signing the declaration.
Kim said the two Koreas are one united people who should work together toward reunification. “We are not a people that should be confronting each other. … We should be living in unity,” he said. “We have long waited for this moment to happen. All of us.”

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